About Thai Water Expo

Show Details:

The show displays workable answers to one of the most important problems in the world today - providing society with clean, drinkable water. Also featured: Waste Water Disposal Systems and the latest flood control developments. An all embracing event covering one of the most important issues of our time.

Show Description:

The first international exhibition that provides working solutions for water and waste water control. The show will feature the very latest equipment and technology related to irrigation, waste and industrial water treatment, bottled water production and more. Equipment and technology for disposal of polluted H2O and control of dam water and reservoirs also featured. High level Seminars and an ASEAN hosted Buyers Program in operation. Government assistance from many nations for proven exhibitors.

Thai Water Expo will provide the latest working solutions in water and wastewater technology. With the ASEAN region now one of the fastest growing in the world, the need for this technology is at an all-time high and Thai Water is the best place to find it. Undeniably, water is precious - but it also requires intelligent control of waste and by-products that come from growth.